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“Every mother in Finland, regardless of income or anything else, is eligible to get this box after 154 days of pregnancy,” a recent Reddit post by a mom-to-be named Felicia explains. Thousands couldn’t wait to get a peek inside.

Before sharing photos of her just-arrived freebies, she added, “It costs nothing, to get it all an expectant mother needs to do is fill out a basic form and submit a certificate of pregnancy from her healthcare provider. I got my box today and this was what it had!”

While some have prerviously heard about the magical Finland maternity boxes, this is the first look at the contents many have been given.

“Every child [gets one], and if you have multiples you get multiple boxes,” Felicia, who says the box has been available to all mothers who have visited their doctor (for free prenatal care) since 1949, went on to share. “You also get it if you adopt a baby.”

Regarding the snowsuit, she explained, “It can be -40 C on any given winter day, depending on the part of Finland you live in. The baby needs to have a lot of layers, so the outdoor suit has to be big enough to accommodate that and also be able to last through the winter on the off chance the family can’t afford or find a new suit once the baby grows.”

As for the more surprising bits? “The condoms are for the parents, as are the pads,” she added. “I think it’s a good idea to include them because it encourages family planning but also reminds the parents to still make time for intimacy after the baby comes.”

I was impressed by the entire contents of the box — but the box itself being a sleeping unit that comes complete with mattress? Genius.

It turns out Finland isn’t the only place in the world expecting moms receive a sweet setup. A person commenting on Felicia’s Reddit thread shared:

In Chile you can get this (if you qualify for public healthcare, private healthcare doesn’t get it)

Bonding and Clothing Set

  • 1 massage oil
  • 1 baby care brochure
  • 1 breastfeeding cushion
  • 1 mei tai baby carrier
  • 1 educational brochure ‘I’m here: my caring needs’
  • 3 cotton diapers
  • 1 bath towel
  • 1 baby items transport bag

Clothing 3-6 months Set

  • 1 body
  • 1 pant
  • 1 long sleeve shirt
  • 1 body suit
  • 1 hat
  • 1 socks

Basic Care and Stimulation Set

  • 1 hypoalergenic liquid soap
  • 1 portable changing table
  • 1 diaper rash prevention ointment
  • 1 massage oil
  • 1 playing mat

Crib / Playing Pen

  • 1 Portable Crib / Playing Pen
  • 1 mattress
  • 1 blanket
  • 1 sheet
  • 1 quilt

Amazing, right? So great to see moms around the world being supported.

Here in the United States, well, there’s those piece of post-partum swag for the lady bits many of us manage to snag from the hospital. I recall leaving after my first son’s birth with a few gigantic pads, one pair of mesh underwear, witch hazel pads, stool softener pills and a can of Dermoplast.

That’s kind of almost not really the same though, I suppose.

What items did you receive for free during your pregnancy or after giving birth?

Thank you to Felicia for agreeing to share her photos with us!

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