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If there’s one random piece of advice I’d offer a new mom it’s to try at least one Mommy & Me class. It doesn’t matter what it is, you’re more than likely going to have fun.

I’ve participated in my fair share of mommy and me classes. From yoga and strollercizing, to swimming and Zumba. Any opportunity I come across involving a unique class with my kids I’m all ‘Sign me up!’.

So when I came across a video of mommy ballerinas bobbing with their babies tied close, I beamed with excitement. It’s called Babyweaing Ballet and its fanbase is growing by the minute. Check out this video that’s quickly going viral.

Morgan Castner has been a ballet dancer since she was three. As she grew, so did her passion for dance. Now a mother of two, she also loves being active with her kids, so she decided to combine the two create a class for moms and their babies.

This ballet class is based on traditional ballet with modified and scaled movements to keep the safety of both mom and baby in mind.

Castner said she would have loved a class like this when her three-year-old son was born.

“We lived in WA state where my husband was stationed in the US Coast Guard at the time and didn’t have family around so sitters were limited,” Castner told BabyCenter. “I now teach while wearing my 9 week old daughter. She started coming to class with me at 5 weeks old.”

The response has been remarkable. This unique take on mommy & me fitness started December 2012, but in the last six months has drawn quite the crowd. And the mothers and babies can’t seem to get enough.

“The babies often fall asleep as the music plays and we are moving and even if they don’t they all seem so mellow,” Castner said. “The mamas get in a little sweat, some toning and time to snuggle there little ones and meet other new moms. “

One thing I remember in my mommy and me yoga classes was getting excited every time my baby wanted to nurse. It was a welcomed break from breaking a sweat. Moms in this class are burning some calories too. And Castner said not to worry if you’re not a dancer, it’s all about having fun.

“A have had a few moms here and there worry they ‘aren’t ballerinas’ but this class is not about that,” Castner said. “Yes, this is a fitness class but it really has become so much more. This time with your little ones is irreplaceable and I have had the pleasure of seeing new true friendships come between mommies who have never met. To me that is what it is all about. To enjoy all this and be able to get in a light workout is anything I could ever want from a ‘Mommy & Me’ class.”

Currently this class is offered in Tustin, CA, but with a growing interest, Castner said they are in the process of expanding with an affiliate license and certification program.

“We have had inquiries from all over the world and I would love to see this spread,” Castner said. “It makes me so happy to share the babywearing love and my passion for dance.”

Find out more about the company by visiting their Facebook Page.

Would you take a ballet class while wearing you baby? What other mommy & me classes do you like?

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