What are the delivery and pick up times?

All items will be delivered by 4pm and picked up by 12pm.

How much is delivery?

Just $14.95. Includes delivery and pickup. 🙂

Keep in mind many companies charge $25-35, we only charge enough for gas and time. Our staff will setup and provide instructions for the use of our products.

Is a deposit required and how much, if so?

At Boston Baby Rentals we believe in the old adage, “treat others as you wish to be treated.” We do not require a security deposit. However, if an item is damaged, the replacement cost of the item will be charged to the credit card on file.

Can I purchase an item I have rented?

Of course. Please send us an email or contact us via phone and we will be glad to bill you for the cost of the item, shall you decide to purchase the product. 

Are your products safe?

We inspect, daily, the product recall list for items that may have been found to be dangerous. Any items on the list are removed and customers who currently have items in their possession notified. Please keep in mind, parents are 100% liable for ensuring their child’s safety and proper use of leased equipment.

Can I extend my rental?

Of course. Please send us an email or contact us by phone to extend your reservation. We can bill the card on file for the extension.