Do you ‘mommy read’ to your kids, too?


Nicole Mabry

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Last night after bathtime and PJs and cuddles, my son tried to pull a fast one on me. He chose the longest, heaviest, wordiest book on the shelf and asked me to read it for his bedtime story. Sure kid, I’ll start reading that and be done by tomorrow at bedtime.

So what’s a mom to do? I love our snugly reading time and I want him to love books and reading. But it’s already late, we’ve got big plans in the morning and I’ve got a list of tasks a million miles long that had to wait until the kids were in bed. What’s the solution? Mommy reading!

Mommy Reading Tactic Number 1 – Skip pages and paragraphs. You’d be amazed how the stories still flow even if you skip a page or two. You just have to be really quick with turning pages. My 5 year-old is starting to catch on to this one, so I have to get more creative.

Mommy Reading Tactic Number 2 – Read fast. Sometimes the pace of my reading puts an auctioneer to shame. The kids have some of their favorite stories memorized verbatim anyway and can speed read right along with me.

Mommy Reading Tactic Number 3 – Set a time limit. I’ll read until 8:15 and promptly at 8:15, the book closes with a cliff hanger. To be continued…..tomorrow night. I have to deal with cliff hangers on Scandal, you can deal with cliff hangers in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Mommy Reading Tactic Number 4 – I put my kids in the story. My kids love to hear their names in their favorite stories. They squeal and they giggle and that never gets old. About halfway through the book, I close it and ask them to tell me the rest of “their” story. If they get too wordy, I reel them in. 

Pediatricians now recommend to read to your child every day from birth onward, but they never said not to “mommy read”!

What’s your tactic to make sure bedtime doesn’t drag on forever?

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