Awesome summer hairstyles for little girls


Stacy-Ann Gooden

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Now that summer is officially here, I’m having fun trying out different styles on my daughter’s hair. I’m no professional, but I’ve managed to pull together some pretty awesome dos that have been getting a lot of positive feedback. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating styles for your kiddos.

1. Keep it short. I try to style in five minutes or less. If it takes any longer, my daughter will lose her mind.
2. Look for inspiration. The Disney movies we’ve been watching lately have inspired us to recreate a few looks like this one from Maleficent.
IMG 8361 433x650 Awesome summer hairstyles for little girls
3. Keep it simple and age appropriate. Some of the styles I see are pretty cool, but may be out of my daughter’s age range. If your child is a bit older, maybe you can go over the top. But let’s face it; small kids are always getting into something. All that hard work of styling may be a total mess by the end of the day anyway.
4. Accessorize. You’d be surprise at how a simple clip can jazz up any hairdo. Bows and hand bands are my daughter’s favorite go to accessories.
5. Have fun! We love experimenting with different looks. Sometimes my daughter would see a look she likes and comes up with her own ideas. She’s at the point of putting in her own requests.

In addition to creating fun summer looks, I’m now realizing how much of a lesson this has also become for my daughter. Like any other arts and crafts project we do, she’s been able to explore and be creative. Check out some of the different summer looks we’ve come up with, along with a few throwbacks.

How do you like to style your kiddos hair?

Photos: Stacy-Ann Gooden

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