2 easy ways to get kids to take medicine


Stacy-Ann Gooden

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As a child, my mother would get me to take medicine by crushing pills and mixing it with a little juice. There was something about swallowing tablets that freaked me out. The bitter flavor of diluted crushed medicine wasn’t much better, but it went down more smoothly. Now that I’m a parent, I understand what my mom went through. Convincing my daughter to take her medicine has been one of my most difficult challenges. This is a topic that has been discussed here on BabyCenter. But, I’ve figured out two more easy ways to get kids to take their medicine.

It’s one thing when you have a sick child. But, having two kids feeling under the weather is a whole other story. My 10-month-old has been battling another ear infection, while my preschooler has been fighting off a horrible cough and cold. I usually try to avoid drugs all together. However, I have no choice! We’re going on two weeks here.

The pediatrician prescribed something mild for each child. My daughter has refused to take the medication. “I don’t like it,” she whined.

“It’ll make you feel better,” I assured her.
“But I don’t like it,” she persisted.

You’d think I was forcing her to drink liquor! My frustration got the best of me, and I responded.
“Mommy’s gonna be really upset if you don’t take this,” I replied.
At that moment, guilt washed over me. I would never want her to feel pressured into taking anything. Before I could apologize for what I said, she replied, “ok.”

The other day, my husband ran into the same problem. She wouldn’t take her medicine. Rather than continue trying to convince her, he prepared our son’s medication. Her little brother took the medication like a champ, and then was praised by his Dad for doing a great job. Upon hearing how well her baby brother did, Princess insisted on taking hers as well.

The possibility of upsetting me, and wanting to be praised like her baby brother was all it took. Who knew that getting a child to take medicine could be this easy?

How do you get your kids to take medicine?

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