10 easy tips for planning an awesome toddler birthday party


Stacy-Ann Gooden

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I’ve been through a few birthday parties to know that it could get pretty stressful and expensive. Sometimes all you need to do to celebrate is have a few of your close friends and family over with a cake. That’s a great way to skip all the drama. But, even that could get out of hand. I’ve come up with ten easy tips for planning an awesome toddler birthday party.

1. Avoid having the party at your home. For my daughter first birthday we figured having it in our backyard would be easier and cheaper too. Boy, was I wrong! Between food and setting up a tent, it cost us a pretty penny – not to mention all the clean up we needed to do afterwards. Having the bash at a party location the second time around saved us the headache and money.

2. Keep it short. No more than two hours is all you need for tots. They’ll end up wearing themselves out. Any longer may mean dealing with more meltdowns.

3. Make sure activities are age appropriate. We’ve been to a few parties that were a bit too advanced for my daughter’s age group. The kids began to loose focus, while others had tantrums.

4. Stick with simple finger foods. I almost made the mistake of ordering gourmet dishes and salads, which would have taken up too much time. We decided on pizza, water, juice, and cake.

5. You can create less work for yourself by taking advantage of the generic theme included in the price package of the party. If you end up choosing your own, you can still save by hitting up the dollar store or scouring the internet for deals.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. It takes the burden off of you.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with crafts. I’m not crafty, but managed to make easy goody bags for my daughter’s party.

8. Have hand sanitizers and/or wipes on hand for a quick clean up.

9. Stay organized. I stayed on top of everything with Pinterest. Find the things you like, and pin them to your board.

10. Get an early start. I’m a huge procrastinator! For Princess’s first birthday my husband and I threw things together at the last minute. We planned things out weeks ahead for the second birthday party.

Following these simple steps made a huge difference, and took the stress out of party planning. I was able to enjoy the day with our daughter and took lots of photos. Check out some of them below.

What are some of your party planning tips?

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